TS Lemon Ranch

TS Lemon Ranch is a 220-acre citrus farm located in the heart of the Coachella Valley in Thermal, California. This privately-owned ranch specializes in tree-ripened, hand-picked and packed, organically-grown Minneola Tangelos and Royal Mandarins.

TS Lemon Ranch began planting in 1988 and transitioned to organic farming in 2007. Today, the farm consists of 140 acres of lemons, 70 acres of Minneola Tangelos, and 10 acres of Royal Mandarins. Its Minneola and Mandarin crops were certified organic in 2010. Lemons, now in the third year of transition, will be certified organic in 2015.

TS Lemon Ranch is committed to the strictest sustainable agricultural standards and adheres to GAP practices, including: no tillage (disking), natural weed suppression, micro-drip irrigation, wildlife habitat preservation, and Organic Integrated Pest Management.

Since 2009, TS Lemon Ranch has been supplying delicious, desert sweet, Coachella Valley organic Minneola Tangelos and Royal Mandarins to many local farms.